3AM : The New Jazz Era

3AM represents many things. For some, it’s a time to seek out the deepest of dreams, pursuing the Sandman across the realms of the imagination while they sleep. For some, it’s closing time, the echoes of the bartenders’ cries for “Last call!” gently fading away into the inky night while they stumble out into the streets. And for Texas-based contemporary jazz trio 3AM, it captures the very essence of their hearts, citing it as the fertile ground for their musical imaginations as they dream of using their creativity to bring positive change and impact their generation.

With well over 10,000 hours invested in mastering their craft, the brothers first took the stage at a religious banquet in 2010. Since then, they’ve experienced tremendous growth both as artists and as people and have earned the opportunity to share the stage with Jazz and Christian music greats. And while that success has been rewarding, the greater reward for 3AM would be to see even more people swept into their swell of musical good news, bringing hope across college campuses worldwide and they invite you to join them for the ride.